Sony A6000 bracketing

The ergonomics of the Sony a6000 

Of course, Sony will not produce the same camera models, because Dr. Mortimer was talking about Tempora mutantur; technical progress can not be stopped, as well as the race of megapixels 🙂 However, ergonomics, usability, and many other parameters of the a6000 and NEX-6 are very similar. 

Of course, there are differences: for example, the two control wheels are now located next to each other, and not one above the other, as it was in NEX-6, which, of course, more practical, since now the upper part of the body has no protruding parts, and rotate the wheels with your thumb has become much more convenient. The left wheel switches modes, the right controls the shooting parameters. Wheels is tight: even if they are accidentally hurt, the settings are not slipping, spinning wheels with a very comfortable effort, this time the engineers at Sony have thought this through very carefully. There were additional functional configurable buttons C1 and C2, HDMI connector became micro-HDMI, while in NEX-6 it was mini-HDMI. 

But the resolution of the viewfinder was cut in half – in NEX-6 it had 2.36 million points, now only 1.44, but to notice this difference, you need to hold both models in your hands and alternately look at one or the other viewfinder. Generally speaking, if you get used to the use of an electronic viewfinder, it is very comfortable to use it, especially outdoors on a Sunny day. Anyone who takes on a classic DSLR is difficult to get used to the idea that the captured photos on a bright day is convenient to view using the viewfinder. Attention! When shooting in RAW format in the viewfinder future photos do not always look “what I see, then I get”, while the screen is quite possible to believe. 

Viewfinder. This picture was taken by a smartphone, as it turned out that the picture that can be seen in the viewfinder, it is easier and more convenient to photograph the camera smartphone 

Made many other small changes – wheel adjustment diopter viewfinder now has a slightly different design, the video recording button is hidden deeper into the body… all these chips are “cosmetic” nature and are unlikely to affect the decision in choosing the camera: you never know how it was in the previous model. 

Is it convenient to hold the camera in your hands, what is it in use? When testing the a5000, we never stopped wondering how compact it is, but it is quite convenient for both large male hands and smaller female hands. Little Sony a5000 is the size and the hands much like an ordinary soap box, but in fact is rather advanced mirrorless interchangeable-lens. What about the a6000, it is convenient if, for example, the girl holding this camera in hand? It is possible to find out only by asking the girl to shoot on a6000, and we learn her impressions. 

Is it convenient to hold the camera in your hands, what is it in use? 

Camera a6000. It is more convenient to hold it with two hands, one hand-less convenient 

For comparison, the a5000 camera. Its comfortable to hold with one hand, two hands is also good 

The result was unexpected. Despite the larger body and heavy grip, the girl was much easier to shoot on the a6000. At first, she agreed to help us just hold alternately both cameras in hand for the sake of the test, but after 10 minutes, she left with the a6000 to shoot wildflowers for 40 minutes, after which she categorically stated that the convenience of shooting these cameras can not even be compared. Give the camera she did not want. 


Many users complain that the rotary screen is not touch. We conducted a large study of this fact while still working on the article about a5000, continued now, and unanimously came to the conclusion that the touch screen for this model is not needed. Theoretically, it could be useful when entering a password to access Wi-Fi, as well as to select the focus point when shooting various still lifes from a tripod. In all other cases, the camera control interface is so carefully thought out that you can very comfortably control the buttons and wheels with only one thumb of the right hand, in addition, the touch screen would lead to a significant increase in the cost of the design. 

Screen resolution compared to a5000 doubled, and now the naked eye can not see the pixels – the picture is unrealistically clear. The screen has a brightness adjustment, as well as a special mode “Sunny weather”. Friends, this is powerful! We shot a lot in bright Sunny weather, and the screen was perfectly readable, you only need to shield the camera from direct sunlight with your own shadow (see the picture above). Probably, in this mode, it spends battery power faster, but we shot and shot, with high-speed series of 20-30 frames in the series, and the video was shot, the screen was constantly working, and no sharp discharge was observed. 

If you bring the camera to your eyes, the sensor is triggered, the screen goes off and the viewfinder turns on. Conveniently. 

Camera control interface 

A fancy graphical interface with animation and pictures that worked in the “NEKS”, gave way to an elegant and extremely comfortable black, which came from the mirrors alpha and was adapted for new mirrorless: it is almost exactly the same as in the a5000, in the picture below are shown for comparison two screens settings (left a6000, right a5000). All menu items are logically grouped, there is no scrolling down the screen, only to the right or to the left, the translation into Russian is simple and clear, generally speaking, it is a pleasure to use the camera. Some functions can be accessed both via the menu and via the quick settings screen, which is called by the Fn button, so it is quick and easy to find and change this or that parameter. 

Buttons C1 and C2 can be adjusted to your taste, we have assigned C1 flash pulse correction, C2 – quality change from RAW to JPEG. 

Disadvantages of ergonomics Sony a6000 

  1. The screen and the heel of the tripod. The screen tightly touches the heel of the tripod. No one interfered to make the screen 1 mm higher, as it is done, by the way, in a5000. Remove from the tripod-one torment, especially since the rotary screen is extremely convenient for such shooting. Saves the day a pipe lining made of leather or dense rubber. Sony, ow!!! Have you tried to shoot on your own camera? It seems not… as the screen touched the heel of the tripod in the NEX-6, so it touches and now in the a6000.
  2. Power switch. The power switch spontaneously triggers when you hide the camera in the bag, and touching the walls of the bag, quietly turns on the camera. Youcan notsay that every time works, but it is necessary to monitor. 
  3. There is no zoom lever around the shutter button. Sony a5000 camera is equipped with a lever-rocker zoom near the shutter button, it is very convenient to shoot video on the outstretched arm and zoom with the index finger, but in a6000 there is no such lever, to shoot in this way will not work. You can make a zoom by twisting the wheel on the lens with your middle finger, but the grip of the camera becomes not so confident, the camera starts to shake, is about to drop it out of your hands, what is there smoothness of the picture. It turns out that the video with zooming can be removed only by holding the camera with both hands.
  4. Video recording button. The start-stop button of the video is hidden in the case so that it is really difficult to press. Friends, this is too much! I understand that Sony marketers receives a lot of complaints that, they say, accidentally pressed the video recording button. However, the implementation of this button in a6000 does not allow comfortable not that accidentally, but even intentionally start and stop recording, especially when shooting with one hand. The button is not felt tactile, in its place felt only a deepening in the body.
  5. Hot Shoe cover. In the kit there is a cap on thehotshoe, contactsgets the dust. The cover can be purchased separately, but who prevented Sony to put in a set of tiny, weightless, but quite important piece of plastic? Increased sales of caps? Why then put, for example, a strap, even if it is also bought additionally… 
  6. No GPS. The lack of GPS may not seem such a significant drawback, but the camera of this level is quite possible and even need to take with you on a trip, and when shooting in a distant country is very useful to know the coordinates of the shooting of a frame.

Example from life. It is not necessary to go to a distant country – many times in the travels of the Leningrad region, the authors had to make interesting shots, and then we searched for a long time on the map, where this picture was taken, in what village is this or that Church, rock, landscape with a tree, and so on. About a year ago we found a good cafe on one of the regional routes, we were simply fascinated by the beautiful interior with pictures on the walls, and we made a beautiful frame with a kettle with cups in the foreground. Voila, if there was a GPS in the camera, we could easily find this place again in a year. Just last week we were driving along this highway and looking out the Windows, so as not to miss the same cafe, because we did not remember exactly where it is, instead of just driving into the Navigator its coordinates. 

  1. The screen does not rise 180°. Yeah, you can’t take a selfie. This may seem like a bit of a mischief, but when testing the Sony a5000, we actually used this feature several times. Pampering, fun, entertainment … do we take the camera with us for the sake of sadness and hardhardwork? 

For comparison, the above picture shows the design of the rotary screen: left-a6000, right a5000. Model a5000 allows you to rotate the screen 180° 

  1. External microphone. There is no input for an external microphone, which according to the authors is a huge minus, we could use this camera specifically for shooting video. Branded microphones are sold, which are attached to the hot Shoe and transmit the signal through this universal connector, they allow you to record sound more efficiently when shooting video than built-in microphones. However, anyone who shoots interviews, reports, clips,etc.usesa remote microphone, in the case of a6000 only an external audio recorder or a special Bluetooth device will help us. 

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