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Adobe Stock (Adobe Stock) – one of the largest and fastest growing microstocks, combining more than 100 million photos, videos, illustrations, etc., a good level of royalties, convenient functionality, intuitive interface. Adobe Stock gives authors access to the world’s largest community of buyers through integration with Adobe applications, thereby expanding the reach of their stock content in the vast Adobe ecosystem. There are several language versions of the site, including Russian. 


  • There is no exam for authors 
  • The leading brand in the creative tools industry is one of the most famous and trustworthy brands in the world 
  • Account creation is free; you do not need to be an existing Adobe subscriber to create an author account (“Adobe ID») 
  • If you’re working with Fotolia, you can easily synchronize your downloaded content and sales data with Adobe Stock, this will allow you to work with both sites 
  • If you work with Fotolia, your sales volume on Adobe Stock will be counted/increased according to your rank on Fotolia 
  • A large audience of buyers from the number of users AT Adobe 
  • Files can also be downloaded using mobile applications such as Photoshop Mix 
  • If you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, you can download files through a variety of apps, including Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and Bridge 
  • Files can also be downloaded using mobile applications such as Photoshop Mix 
  • Comfortable and modern website of microstock 
  • Several convenient ways to get rewards for authors: Payoneer, Paypal, Skrill 
  • The ability to automatically create keywords directly on the website of the photobank 

Offers for buyers: 

  • The first month of subscription-free, while royalties are unchanged, which is an incentive for buyers to try to work with microstock, and the authors, in turn, do not lose anything 
  • Ability to buy more credits in case of lack of subscription plan 
  • High-end technology content search in the market 

How long are you licensed adobe stock photos

Image prices on Adobe Stock start at $9.99. For Creative Cloud users, a special discount is introduced — they can pay for a package of 10 photos for a month for $29.99. For other customers, the cost of this package will be $ 49.99

Why work with Adobe Stock 

Looking for information about Adobe Stock, for some reason I was faced with a shortage of reviews and I think the authors of this stock undeservedly ignore. I would like to tell you about the advantages and advantages of this platform (and which I have checked myself).  

Adobe Stock-one of the youngest stock, was launched in mid-2015 on the basis of Adobe bought the photo. Now, in mid-2018, Adobe Stock has over 100 million images. For example, Shutterstock currently about 196 million, but this is Shutterstock, which allows for the download of stupid similarhow, including endless twists and turns, perekrasit and reflection, in contrast to Fotolii (=Adobe Stock), which strictly monitors it.  

If you ship on a photo, all your works are already on sale and on the Adobe Drain. You can upload files and withdraw money from it and Photos, but the interface of Adobe Stock personally seems to me more convenient and easier. If you have never visited the site, the first time you log in, the system will offer to synchronize the portfolio with the photo. Sometimes at this point there are errors that can be solved through technical support. It is better to write in a photo — there support Russian-speaking. 

To start working with stock, you do not need to pass the exam, you must be at least 18 years old, you must also have Adobe ID and show your passport as an identity card. 

You can upload photos, illustrations, vectors, videos, including motion clips. The plans include editable templates and 3D models. 

The content can be downloaded via the web interface, it is very simple and intuitive. You can load one picture through the site by simply dragging and dropping on the page. The second option is to ship via FTP from many files and to attribute them through the web interface, I liked: comfortable and no sexamatuer and similar services are not needed. But if you want you can use it. When you add files to the drain chooses a category and key words. Adobe Stock recommends that you pay attention to the first five keywords, they are the most important. If you do not like to pick up keywords is just a godsend, because it picks up really good, comparing with similar images in the database, plus there is the ability to edit and you can add your keywords. Here is a good article about the selection of keywords for authors.  

For downloading, the author receives from $0.25 to $3.33 depending on what subscription the buyer has and what rank the author has. In most cases, the download fee will be higher than on other stocks. A table with detailed information can be found here. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50, you can withdraw to Scrill, PayPal, and more recently to Payoneer. 

One of the main advantages of Adobe Stock is its integration with most Adobe products (Photoshop, llustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver and After Effects). Therefore, designers can use the base flow directly from the program without entering the browser. For example, you can use photos or images with watermarks by simply dragging them from the panel to your layout and applying different filters to them. And after your customer approves the layout, you can buy the photos and after the purchase the watermarks will disappear, and all the applied effects will remain. You can buy images separately on the website without using Adobe software, by subscription or by one picture. 

You can use Bridge and Lightroom to download. At the same time, the specified sorting is saved in the bridge and you can register keywords in the program, and Lightroom allows you to upload photos in RAW format — they are automatically converted to JPEG.  

Adobe Stock has a Premium section. This is a collection of images from the portfolio of the best authors. All images from the collection of Adobe Stock premium spread with the extended license (it means the authors of the payment above). How to get there I don’t know, I think only through manual selection. 

For me, as for any author, it is important that the flow has prospects and some interesting sides.  

Now Adobe the Drain is in the shade shatterstone, but is actively developing. At the moment the competition is lower than at the same Shatterstone, but it put money, are bolted different interesting things. Since people using the products of adob will be more and more to buy in the end it will be on the adob Drain. It turns out that a piece of the market at the adob Drain will grow quite reasonably. So now the authors have a great and very real opportunity to try to achieve something and make money. Especially since there is no exam, and the download is very simple and convenient.  

It seems to me that people who have taken a break or are just starting to load should pay attention to this site and include it at least in your shortlist. 


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