Sony A6000 bracketing

The ergonomics of the Sony a6000 

Of course, Sony will not produce the same camera models, because Dr. Mortimer was talking about Tempora mutantur; technical progress can not be stopped, as well as the race of megapixels 🙂 However, ergonomics, usability, and many other parameters of the a6000 and NEX-6 are very similar. 

Of course, there are differences: for example, the two control wheels are now located next to each other, and not one above the other, as it was in NEX-6, which, of course, more practical, since now the upper part of the body has no protruding parts, and rotate the wheels with your thumb has become much more convenient. The left wheel switches modes, the right controls the shooting parameters. Wheels is tight: even if they are accidentally hurt, the settings are not slipping, spinning wheels with a very comfortable effort, this time the engineers at Sony have thought this through very carefully. There were additional functional configurable buttons C1 and C2, HDMI connector became micro-HDMI, while in NEX-6 it was mini-HDMI. 

But the resolution of the viewfinder was cut in half – in NEX-6 it had 2.36 million points, now only 1.44, but to notice this difference, you need to hold both models in your hands and alternately look at one or the other viewfinder. Generally speaking, if you get used to the use of an electronic viewfinder, it is very comfortable to use it, especially outdoors on a Sunny day. Anyone who takes on a classic DSLR is difficult to get used to the idea that the captured photos on a bright day is convenient to view using the viewfinder. Attention! When shooting in RAW format in the viewfinder future photos do not always look “what I see, then I get”, while the screen is quite possible to believe. 

Viewfinder. This picture was taken by a smartphone, as it turned out that the picture that can be seen in the viewfinder, it is easier and more convenient to photograph the camera smartphone 

Made many other small changes – wheel adjustment diopter viewfinder now has a slightly different design, the video recording button is hidden deeper into the body… all these chips are “cosmetic” nature and are unlikely to affect the decision in choosing the camera: you never know how it was in the previous model. 

Is it convenient to hold the camera in your hands, what is it in use? When testing the a5000, we never stopped wondering how compact it is, but it is quite convenient for both large male hands and smaller female hands. Little Sony a5000 is the size and the hands much like an ordinary soap box, but in fact is rather advanced mirrorless interchangeable-lens. What about the a6000, it is convenient if, for example, the girl holding this camera in hand? It is possible to find out only by asking the girl to shoot on a6000, and we learn her impressions. 

Is it convenient to hold the camera in your hands, what is it in use? 

Camera a6000. It is more convenient to hold it with two hands, one hand-less convenient 

For comparison, the a5000 camera. Its comfortable to hold with one hand, two hands is also good 

The result was unexpected. Despite the larger body and heavy grip, the girl was much easier to shoot on the a6000. At first, she agreed to help us just hold alternately both cameras in hand for the sake of the test, but after 10 minutes, she left with the a6000 to shoot wildflowers for 40 minutes, after which she categorically stated that the convenience of shooting these cameras can not even be compared. Give the camera she did not want. 


Many users complain that the rotary screen is not touch. We conducted a large study of this fact while still working on the article about a5000, continued now, and unanimously came to the conclusion that the touch screen for this model is not needed. Theoretically, it could be useful when entering a password to access Wi-Fi, as well as to select the focus point when shooting various still lifes from a tripod. In all other cases, the camera control interface is so carefully thought out that you can very comfortably control the buttons and wheels with only one thumb of the right hand, in addition, the touch screen would lead to a significant increase in the cost of the design. 

Screen resolution compared to a5000 doubled, and now the naked eye can not see the pixels – the picture is unrealistically clear. The screen has a brightness adjustment, as well as a special mode “Sunny weather”. Friends, this is powerful! We shot a lot in bright Sunny weather, and the screen was perfectly readable, you only need to shield the camera from direct sunlight with your own shadow (see the picture above). Probably, in this mode, it spends battery power faster, but we shot and shot, with high-speed series of 20-30 frames in the series, and the video was shot, the screen was constantly working, and no sharp discharge was observed. 

If you bring the camera to your eyes, the sensor is triggered, the screen goes off and the viewfinder turns on. Conveniently. 

Camera control interface 

A fancy graphical interface with animation and pictures that worked in the “NEKS”, gave way to an elegant and extremely comfortable black, which came from the mirrors alpha and was adapted for new mirrorless: it is almost exactly the same as in the a5000, in the picture below are shown for comparison two screens settings (left a6000, right a5000). All menu items are logically grouped, there is no scrolling down the screen, only to the right or to the left, the translation into Russian is simple and clear, generally speaking, it is a pleasure to use the camera. Some functions can be accessed both via the menu and via the quick settings screen, which is called by the Fn button, so it is quick and easy to find and change this or that parameter. 

Buttons C1 and C2 can be adjusted to your taste, we have assigned C1 flash pulse correction, C2 – quality change from RAW to JPEG. 

Disadvantages of ergonomics Sony a6000 

  1. The screen and the heel of the tripod. The screen tightly touches the heel of the tripod. No one interfered to make the screen 1 mm higher, as it is done, by the way, in a5000. Remove from the tripod-one torment, especially since the rotary screen is extremely convenient for such shooting. Saves the day a pipe lining made of leather or dense rubber. Sony, ow!!! Have you tried to shoot on your own camera? It seems not… as the screen touched the heel of the tripod in the NEX-6, so it touches and now in the a6000.
  2. Power switch. The power switch spontaneously triggers when you hide the camera in the bag, and touching the walls of the bag, quietly turns on the camera. Youcan notsay that every time works, but it is necessary to monitor. 
  3. There is no zoom lever around the shutter button. Sony a5000 camera is equipped with a lever-rocker zoom near the shutter button, it is very convenient to shoot video on the outstretched arm and zoom with the index finger, but in a6000 there is no such lever, to shoot in this way will not work. You can make a zoom by twisting the wheel on the lens with your middle finger, but the grip of the camera becomes not so confident, the camera starts to shake, is about to drop it out of your hands, what is there smoothness of the picture. It turns out that the video with zooming can be removed only by holding the camera with both hands.
  4. Video recording button. The start-stop button of the video is hidden in the case so that it is really difficult to press. Friends, this is too much! I understand that Sony marketers receives a lot of complaints that, they say, accidentally pressed the video recording button. However, the implementation of this button in a6000 does not allow comfortable not that accidentally, but even intentionally start and stop recording, especially when shooting with one hand. The button is not felt tactile, in its place felt only a deepening in the body.
  5. Hot Shoe cover. In the kit there is a cap on thehotshoe, contactsgets the dust. The cover can be purchased separately, but who prevented Sony to put in a set of tiny, weightless, but quite important piece of plastic? Increased sales of caps? Why then put, for example, a strap, even if it is also bought additionally… 
  6. No GPS. The lack of GPS may not seem such a significant drawback, but the camera of this level is quite possible and even need to take with you on a trip, and when shooting in a distant country is very useful to know the coordinates of the shooting of a frame.

Example from life. It is not necessary to go to a distant country – many times in the travels of the Leningrad region, the authors had to make interesting shots, and then we searched for a long time on the map, where this picture was taken, in what village is this or that Church, rock, landscape with a tree, and so on. About a year ago we found a good cafe on one of the regional routes, we were simply fascinated by the beautiful interior with pictures on the walls, and we made a beautiful frame with a kettle with cups in the foreground. Voila, if there was a GPS in the camera, we could easily find this place again in a year. Just last week we were driving along this highway and looking out the Windows, so as not to miss the same cafe, because we did not remember exactly where it is, instead of just driving into the Navigator its coordinates. 

  1. The screen does not rise 180°. Yeah, you can’t take a selfie. This may seem like a bit of a mischief, but when testing the Sony a5000, we actually used this feature several times. Pampering, fun, entertainment … do we take the camera with us for the sake of sadness and hardhardwork? 

For comparison, the above picture shows the design of the rotary screen: left-a6000, right a5000. Model a5000 allows you to rotate the screen 180° 

  1. External microphone. There is no input for an external microphone, which according to the authors is a huge minus, we could use this camera specifically for shooting video. Branded microphones are sold, which are attached to the hot Shoe and transmit the signal through this universal connector, they allow you to record sound more efficiently when shooting video than built-in microphones. However, anyone who shoots interviews, reports, clips,etc.usesa remote microphone, in the case of a6000 only an external audio recorder or a special Bluetooth device will help us. 

Davinci Resolve video editor

If you need a professional video editor for non-linear editing, and you need a free editor, DaVinci Resolve may be the best choice in your case. Provided that you are not confused by the lack of Russian language interface and you have experience (or are willing to learn) to work in other professional tools for video editing. 

In this brief review – about the process of installing the video editor DaVinci Resolve, about how the interface of the program is organized and a little about the available functions (a little — because I’m not a video editing engineer and I don’t know everything myself). The editor is available in Windows, MacOS and Linux versions. 

If you need something easier to perform the basic tasks of editing personal video and in Russian, I recommend to read: the Best free video editors. 

Installation and first launch of DaVinci Resolve 

On the official website there are two versions of the program DaVinci Resolve-free and paid. Limitations of the free editor-no support for 4K resolution, noise reduction and motion blur. 

Choosing a free version of DaVinci Resolve 

After selecting the free version, the installation and first run process will look like this: 

Fill in the registration form and click “Register and download”. 

A ZIP archive (about 500 MB) containing the DaVinci Resolve installer will be downloaded. Unpack it and run. 

During the installation, you will be prompted to install the necessary Visual C++ components (if they are not found on your computer, if they are present, “Installed”will be displayed next to them). But DaVinci Panels to install (it’s for work with equipment from DaVinci for of editors). Installing DaVinci Resolve 

After installation and start-up will first be shown a kind of “screensaver”, and in the next window, you can click Quick Setup for quick setup (the next time you will open a window with a list of projects). 

During quick setup, you can first set the resolution of your project. Project settings 

The second stage is more interesting: it allows you to set keyboard parameters (keyboard shortcuts) similar to the usual professional video editor: Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X and Avid Media Composer. Video editor hotkey options 

When finished, the main window of the DaVinci Resolve video editor opens. 

Video editor interface 

The interface of DaVinci Resolve video editor is organized in the form of 4 sections, switching between which is performed by buttons at the bottom of the window. 

Media-add, organize and preview clips (audio, video, images) in the project. Note: for a reason unknown to me, DaVinci does not see or import videos in AVI containers (but for those encoded with MPEG-4, an easy change to the extension is triggered .mp4). 

Manage clips on the Media tab 

Edit-editing table, working with the project, transitions, effects, titles, masks-that is, everything you need to edit the video. 

Editing and editing videos in DaVinci Resolve 

 Color-color correction tools. Judging by the reviews-here DaVinci Resolve almost the best SOFTWARE for this purpose, but I do not understand it at all to confirm or deny. 

DaVinci Resolve color correction tools 

Deliver-export finished video, setting the rendering format, ready presets with the ability to customize, preview the finished project (export AVI, as well as import in the “Media” tab did not work, with a message that the format is not supported, although its selection is available. Perhaps another limitation of the free version). 

Render video in DaVinci Resolve 

As noted at the beginning of the article, I am not a video editing professional, but from the point of view of a user who uses Adobe Premiere to combine several videos, cut their parts somewhere, speed up somewhere, add video transitions and sound attenuation, overlay the logo and “unhook” the audio track from the video-everything works as it should. 

At the same time, it took me no more than 15 minutes to figure out how to perform all these tasks (5-7 of which I tried to understand why DaVinci Resolve does not see my AVI): context menus, the location of the elements and the logic of actions is almost the same as I’m used to. The truth here is worth considering that I also use Premiere in English. 

In addition, in the folder with the installed program, in the subfolder “Documents” you will find the file “DaVinci Resolve.pdf”, which is a tutorial of 1000 pages on the use of all functions of the video editor (in English). 

To sum up: for those who want to get a professional free video editing program and are ready to explore its capabilities, DaVinci Resolve is an excellent choice (here I rely not so much on my own opinion, but on the study of almost a dozen reviews from non — linear editing specialists). 

DaVinci Lite Resolvere 11 est liberum version of solvit video editor DaVinci Propono, quae facit magna libero analogum solvit editores. Applicatio est lorem ipsum dolor sit amet color correctione video cohibentes, sed vos can quoque monte video cum eo. 

Editor est a professio, erit notabilis statim et quale, dapibus et elit. Fieri a user DaVinci Lite Resolvere vos postulo ut subcriptio in loco et potens computer saltem 4 GB RAM. 


Ad adepto coepi, vos postulo ut important video tondet, et creare a timeline. Post vos disponere tondet in rectam ordine, eorum vel add musica. Post quod, procedere post-processus. 

DaVinci Propositum sustinet a numerus of color temperatio instrumenta: color consilia, lorem ipsum color venenatis, dui Color Parem temperatio. 

Odio opus in format 32-bit punctum natantis numeri, quae efficit, quale odio. 

Alia, quod merentur attentionem, nec ad sustentationem OpenFX plugins, transitus effectus, et exporting videos ad varia forma. 


Duis dapibus dividitur in 4 diversae opiniones. 

Primum visum est, importat videos. Notatu dignum est, quod ad normalis operatio vos postulo ad configurare in bibliotheca presul video cohibentes. 

DaVinci Lite Resolvere notitia Repono 

Etiam, sine ullo occasus, video editor aperit tantum mov, mxf lima, et imago lima. 

DaVinci Lite Resolvere Primum euismod 

Deinde opus screen occasionem creare timeline loco et videos. Videos potest dividi, correpta, addidit seorsum audio nec video vestigia, addere effectus transitus inter singulis partibus duis. Denique, creare ultimum video. 

DaVinci Lite Resolvere Editor 

Tertium opus screen est color, correctione et usu odio. In screen, vos statim videre instrumenta color disciplinam, et video odio addidit, ut nodorum. 

DaVinci Lite Resolvere Color 

Editor etiam a paro of complexu odio enim color disciplinam, eorum munus est, ut dare video diversis umbras. 

DaVinci Lite Resolvere Color Correctio 

Cum ultimum opus screen, vos can patefacio video lima. DaVinci Lite Resolvere sustinet sequens video forma: QuickTime, MFX, AVI. Alia codecs sunt available pro singulis format. 

DaVinci Lite Resolvere, Educendo video formats 


DaVinci Lite Resolvere non includit plures vitalis video odio, ut est in primo a colore corrector, sed OpenFX sustinere solvit hanc quaestionem. Vos can download quod install tertia pars video odio. Odio a NewBlueFX vel Rubrum Gigas, ut sit idoneus ad hoc. Ut a praecessi, vos ero validus ut impendo elit ex in elit. 

DaVinci Lite Resolvere Openfx Odio 


DaVinci Lite Resolvere potens est video editor enim color correctio. Autem, solvere simplex quaestiones, id est, nimium gravis, sicut swatting a culex ab orbitae gun. Sed si vos postulo ut facere non leve opus, tunc hoc editor recognoscet magna functionality et cogitantium dapibus. 

Adobe stock photos FAQ

Adobe Stock (Adobe Stock) – one of the largest and fastest growing microstocks, combining more than 100 million photos, videos, illustrations, etc., a good level of royalties, convenient functionality, intuitive interface. Adobe Stock gives authors access to the world’s largest community of buyers through integration with Adobe applications, thereby expanding the reach of their stock content in the vast Adobe ecosystem. There are several language versions of the site, including Russian. 


  • There is no exam for authors 
  • The leading brand in the creative tools industry is one of the most famous and trustworthy brands in the world 
  • Account creation is free; you do not need to be an existing Adobe subscriber to create an author account (“Adobe ID») 
  • If you’re working with Fotolia, you can easily synchronize your downloaded content and sales data with Adobe Stock, this will allow you to work with both sites 
  • If you work with Fotolia, your sales volume on Adobe Stock will be counted/increased according to your rank on Fotolia 
  • A large audience of buyers from the number of users AT Adobe 
  • Files can also be downloaded using mobile applications such as Photoshop Mix 
  • If you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, you can download files through a variety of apps, including Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and Bridge 
  • Files can also be downloaded using mobile applications such as Photoshop Mix 
  • Comfortable and modern website of microstock 
  • Several convenient ways to get rewards for authors: Payoneer, Paypal, Skrill 
  • The ability to automatically create keywords directly on the website of the photobank 

Offers for buyers: 

  • The first month of subscription-free, while royalties are unchanged, which is an incentive for buyers to try to work with microstock, and the authors, in turn, do not lose anything 
  • Ability to buy more credits in case of lack of subscription plan 
  • High-end technology content search in the market 

How long are you licensed adobe stock photos

Image prices on Adobe Stock start at $9.99. For Creative Cloud users, a special discount is introduced — they can pay for a package of 10 photos for a month for $29.99. For other customers, the cost of this package will be $ 49.99

Why work with Adobe Stock 

Looking for information about Adobe Stock, for some reason I was faced with a shortage of reviews and I think the authors of this stock undeservedly ignore. I would like to tell you about the advantages and advantages of this platform (and which I have checked myself).  

Adobe Stock-one of the youngest stock, was launched in mid-2015 on the basis of Adobe bought the photo. Now, in mid-2018, Adobe Stock has over 100 million images. For example, Shutterstock currently about 196 million, but this is Shutterstock, which allows for the download of stupid similarhow, including endless twists and turns, perekrasit and reflection, in contrast to Fotolii (=Adobe Stock), which strictly monitors it.  

If you ship on a photo, all your works are already on sale and on the Adobe Drain. You can upload files and withdraw money from it and Photos, but the interface of Adobe Stock personally seems to me more convenient and easier. If you have never visited the site, the first time you log in, the system will offer to synchronize the portfolio with the photo. Sometimes at this point there are errors that can be solved through technical support. It is better to write in a photo — there support Russian-speaking. 

To start working with stock, you do not need to pass the exam, you must be at least 18 years old, you must also have Adobe ID and show your passport as an identity card. 

You can upload photos, illustrations, vectors, videos, including motion clips. The plans include editable templates and 3D models. 

The content can be downloaded via the web interface, it is very simple and intuitive. You can load one picture through the site by simply dragging and dropping on the page. The second option is to ship via FTP from many files and to attribute them through the web interface, I liked: comfortable and no sexamatuer and similar services are not needed. But if you want you can use it. When you add files to the drain chooses a category and key words. Adobe Stock recommends that you pay attention to the first five keywords, they are the most important. If you do not like to pick up keywords is just a godsend, because it picks up really good, comparing with similar images in the database, plus there is the ability to edit and you can add your keywords. Here is a good article about the selection of keywords for authors.  

For downloading, the author receives from $0.25 to $3.33 depending on what subscription the buyer has and what rank the author has. In most cases, the download fee will be higher than on other stocks. A table with detailed information can be found here. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50, you can withdraw to Scrill, PayPal, and more recently to Payoneer. 

One of the main advantages of Adobe Stock is its integration with most Adobe products (Photoshop, llustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver and After Effects). Therefore, designers can use the base flow directly from the program without entering the browser. For example, you can use photos or images with watermarks by simply dragging them from the panel to your layout and applying different filters to them. And after your customer approves the layout, you can buy the photos and after the purchase the watermarks will disappear, and all the applied effects will remain. You can buy images separately on the website without using Adobe software, by subscription or by one picture. 

You can use Bridge and Lightroom to download. At the same time, the specified sorting is saved in the bridge and you can register keywords in the program, and Lightroom allows you to upload photos in RAW format — they are automatically converted to JPEG.  

Adobe Stock has a Premium section. This is a collection of images from the portfolio of the best authors. All images from the collection of Adobe Stock premium spread with the extended license (it means the authors of the payment above). How to get there I don’t know, I think only through manual selection. 

For me, as for any author, it is important that the flow has prospects and some interesting sides.  

Now Adobe the Drain is in the shade shatterstone, but is actively developing. At the moment the competition is lower than at the same Shatterstone, but it put money, are bolted different interesting things. Since people using the products of adob will be more and more to buy in the end it will be on the adob Drain. It turns out that a piece of the market at the adob Drain will grow quite reasonably. So now the authors have a great and very real opportunity to try to achieve something and make money. Especially since there is no exam, and the download is very simple and convenient.  

It seems to me that people who have taken a break or are just starting to load should pay attention to this site and include it at least in your shortlist.